Legacy of Babukhan Enterprises

The Babukhan era began in the early 1930's when Khan Bahadur Abdul Karim Babukhan, the doyen of the clan, formed the Hyderabad Construction Company Ltd., and created architectural marvels for the Nizam's state.

The Arts College of the Osmania University was constructed by the Babukhans. Other jewels of the Nizam built by the group are: Hyderabad House, the Delhi Palace of the Nizam of Hyderabad . The Babukhans played a major role in pioneering infrastructure development projects of the erstwhile Nizam's State of Hyderabad, such as The Soan Bridge across the river Godavary, Kadam Dam, substantial work on the Thunga Badra Dam and, the first phase of the Ramagundam Thermal Power Station to mention just a few.