Khan Bahadur Abdul Karim Babukhan - The Era Begins

Born to Mohammed Babukhan, a Civil Contractor, credited with major constructions in Hyderabad, such as Kachiguda Railway Station and the Nayapul, Abdul Kareem Babukhan began his career with civil works at the age of 25. Taking entrepreneurship one step ahead of his father, he forayed into industrial development, setting up sugar textiles and paper mills and later coal mines at Singareni.

Abdul Karim Babukhan - The doyen of the clan, set up in the 1930s, the Hyderabad Construction Company Ltd., (HCCL), which created architectural marvels (popularly

known as ‘Jewels of the Nizam') for the Nizams' State. The stunning Arts College of the Osmania University, the Gandhi Bhavan, The Hyderabad House, the Delhi Palace for the Nizam, Soan Bridge- across the river Godavari, Kadam Dam, substantial part of the Tungabhadra Dam, the first phase of Ramagundam Thermal Power Station to name a few.

His contribution to the growth and development of Hyderabad State earned him the title ‘Khan Bahadur' and conferred on him a status that allowed free mingling with politicians and bureaucrats. Yet he remained humble and displayed a rare integrity of character, which helped him create a goodwill that his successors were to reap in times to come.

Some prominent Industrial ventures promoted and managed by HCCL include: The Sir Silk Limited, The Sirpur Paper Mills Limited, Hyderabad Vanaspati Limited, The Nizam Sugar Factory Limited and many others.

The Babukhans have become synonymous with quality work, just like the monumental marvels they create!


Bashiruddin Babukhan

He carried on the legacy of his father and pioneered the construction of other multistoried commercial and residential complexes, town houses and land development projects. Standing testimony of their commitment to excellence are the Deccan towers, the Mogul court, the Babukhan estate, the Asafjahi Tower and the Babukhan Millennium Centre along with numerous major projects that dot the city today.

He also served as Minister of Education and Industries for two consecutive terms in

the then undivided Andhra Pradesh state during the period 1989-1999. Apart from business and politics, he was deeply passionate about education and theatre, and supported several charitable and cultural causes. He established various educational institutions and career guidance centres in his lifetime which have changed lives of many. His keen interest in social activities, promoting education & women empowerment programs has made him associate with numerous welfare organizations, either as a Founder, Trustee, President or as a Member.

Living Under The Rainbow – My Enchanted Life an autobiography that presents an enticing journey through the realms of life depicting the colorful facets of Mr. Bashirshuddin Babukhan’s experience.

Salman Babukhan

A third-generation entrepreneur, Salman Babukhan is the Managing Director of Babukhan Enterprises that comprises a cluster of initiatives including Babukhan Contructions (BKC), a number of schools in the K-12 space and recent forays into Engineering Education.

He completed my schooling from Hyderabad and went on to acquire a degree in Management from the Loyola University Chicago, USA.

He is passionate about construction, education, technology and sports. Over the years

he has invested in multiple start-ups dealing with education, learning technologies, logistics, skilling and technology besides encouraging and mentoring entrepreneurs and new-age innovators.

Educational Entrepreneur
As Secretary of the Hyderabad Education Academy, he has:
  • Successfully established and steered Glendale Academy International, Edufun— a chain of pre-schools—and the Springfields group of schools, setting high standards in the realm of education
  • Set up (in 2015) the Glendale Creative Arts Academy—the first-of-its-kind school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, which specializes in the Creative, Performing and the Fine Arts, integrated with Academics
  • Launched Springfields International (SFI) School—a co-educational day school— on 19th March 2017. Adopting the CBSE Curriculum and set on a 2-acre campus, SFI has Infrastructure of international standards and a wide array of facilities.

Anjum Babukhan

Anjum is respected for her high level of professional integrity, scholarly articulation and commitment to the cause of Education, Enrichment and Empowerment.

“East is east and west is west, but the twain meets here!” Blending the best of both worlds, Anjum is adept synergizing and synthesizing from across the globe as a lifelong learner. Anjum was born and raised in the U.S. Her parents were key influence on her and she gives them credit for her ethics, humility and moral commitment for all that she does. Placing premium on quality in whatever she does, seamlessly blending her enriching experiences, intellectual accomplishments and leadership towards delivering substance in whatever she sets out to do. She is a visionary who journeys towards an upward spiral of growth towards excellence.

When Anjum became a parent, she realized what all children were missing from the educational scenario, as far as experiential learning and holistic development were concerned. It was from this lacuna, that she grew a strong desire to contribute to the field of education in India.

Her passions include anything that has qualities of nurturing, rejuvenating, or is rooted in spiritual. She loves nature and all natural things from aromatherapy to zinc. Her hobbies include, reading, journaling, yoga, photography, ikebana, art & other creative pursuits. Anjum has successfully carved a niche for herself in multi-faceted areas of enrichment for herself which she loves to share with others including faculty and students.

This dynamic yet simple lady of substance has made Glendale Group of institutions, an abode of learning & enrichment. Anjum lives in Hyderabad with her husband, mother-in-law and has three children.