Glendale Institute of Management Sciences (GIMS)

Glendale Institute of Management Sciences, proposed to be established, is situated amidst tranquility and peace in a 30 acre land, with a canopy of trees and lush green lawns. The campus is 30 kms. away from Hyderabad city (part of Greater Hyderabad).

Andhra Pradesh has always been at the forefront of industrial growth in India. With its inherent capabilities coupled with its enterprising citizens, Andhra Pradesh provides the ideal choice for investment opportunities.
  • High level of research & developmental facilities, originating from a number of central government laboratories, defence establishments and research institutions in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Favourable climate and habitat.
  • Excellent communication facilities, railway, airport and national high ways.
To meet the ever increasing demand in the Industrial sector, the state government has created several organizations and institutions and provided infrastructure support to private sector enterprises.

Technical education and Industry are always like two faces of a coin. For all organizations, it makes great business sense to hire the best possible talents. In today's knowledge economy, the success of an organization depends on skills of employees.

Indian management education system is the second largest in the world today, next only to that of U.S. But here again, in terms of number of B-Schools it has already caught up with the U.S., overtaken Europe, and is slowly inching towards catching up with U.S., in terms of MBA production. Its growth in the last 10 years has been phenomenal.