Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action, reap a habit
Sow a habit, reap a charactert
Sow a character, reap a destiny

Glendale Academy International

Glendale is nestled in a beautiful valley, with a serene, pollution-free environment, a mere 15 minutes drive from Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The sprawling 10 acre campus & 50000 sft of buildings have been ergonomically designed with spacious classrooms providing a stupendous space of 18 sft per student (in contrast to 9 sft. which is considered as the national average).

The campus radiates positive energy with natural landscaped greenery for the flow of fresh air that enhances free flow of thought crafted to improve visual processing and emotional intelligence. Sports & games fields, an athletic track, life skills development studios, a multi-purpose mirrored gym/hall & Learning Resource Centre (a well stocked library), complete the picture for unbridled growth. Our unique Adventure Playground provides an imaginative play space, where play takes the form of physical as well as social conditioning to build relationships while building bodies.

Learning for life not just for school

Learning must be a joy, stimulating the mind and exhilarating the spirit! We believe that children need holistic development, enabling them to evolve into individuals that respect traditional values, while incorporating contemporary thought; who empathise with others, while taking care of themselves in a highly competitive world; who are endowed with environmental awareness, grounded in academic excellence, exhibiting universal human values and an appreciation for everything sacred about the Earth. We foster team spirit, freshness and clarity in thought and freedom of expression.

While co-curricular activities differentiate one school from another, it is academics which is the final parameter of performance. At Glendale, our staff never lose sight of this factor and groom each student to actualise their inherent potential and make optimum use of their unique abilities in academics to excel in every area of study, in an interactive, innovative and highly effective manner.

Grooming not just Schooling

At Glendale, students go beyond the pedantic, stretching their imagination and acquiring problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Glendale's aim is to see that our wards grow up with strong core values, with refined social conditioning and a peace-loving, spiritual demeanor.

Our uniquely designed life skills development studios function as a finishing school and provide exploratory experience for children, where they get an opportunity to experiment with sewing, develop a taste for culinary skills, learn table manners, preen at the self-grooming centre, dabble with painting, interiors, Ikebana, clay modeling, performing arts and a myriad of other life skills!

Our reservoir of knowledge, the Learning Resource Center, with its quality collection of books, journals, international educational kits, learning aids, and multimedia, invite children to travel to enchanting lands, glean world-class references and enrich their knowledge base through hands-on material. Our unique language lab, learning centers, audio-visual and internet facilities promote research and practical learning. Our computer lab helps children become computer savvy so that they can meet the technology challenges of today as well as the future.