Springfields School

At Springfields School, our primary objective is to provide an environment and educational experience that will enrich and contribute to the intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, emotional, and creative development of each child. In addition to promoting excellence in academics, we aim to make our students into thinking, responsible and sensitive individuals who will be excellent contributors to society.


These words constitute the motivating impulse at Springfields.

A child’s mind, particularly in its formative years, is tender and receptive. It is like a fertile field, ready to spring forth. It is essential to cultivate such fields with great care for sustained growth. The school strives to provide the most appropriate atmosphere and inputs for the minds of the children, so that they have the opportunity to blossom - and yield fruit.

Every effort is made to bring out the best in every child. The school provides a stimulating environment for children and encourages learning through active participation and interactive methods. All activities at school are made interesting and enjoyable in order to make learning a very stimulating and fun filled experience. In the act of learning, the child should have the opportunity to look at everything around him and interact with everything; the colours, the shapes, the smells, and the sounds in this marvellously rich and diverse world of ours.

The cirriculum at Springfields is based on the offering a variety of subjects - to cater tovarying capabilities among children and enable child todiscover his/her aptitudes. The child's calibre is nourished steadily from its roots to promote a natural and lasting growth, rather than adopt 'quickfix' methods....

Beyond Academics

At Springfields, we provide opportunities for our students where maximum exposure is given, essential ideas are sown and the fruits of great intellect and character are reaped