About Us

Our family’s legacy dates back several generations, with a shared purpose that has been passed down through the years.

Khan Bahadur Abdul Karim Babukhan - The Era Begins

Born to Mohammed Babukhan, a Civil Contractor, credited with major constructions in Hyderabad, such as Kachiguda Railway Station and the Nayapul, Abdul Kareem Babukhan began his career with civil works at the age of 25. Taking entrepreneurship one step ahead of his father, he forayed into industrial development, setting up sugar textiles and paper mills and later coal mines at Singareni.

Abdul Karim Babukhan – The doyen of the clan, set up in the 1930s, the Hyderabad Construction Company Ltd., (HCCL), which created architectural marvels (popularly

Uniting Generations

Upholding a Legacy of Excellence

Bashiruddin Babukhan

He carried on the legacy of his father and pioneered the construction of other multistoried commercial and residential complexes, town houses and land development projects. Standing testimony of their commitment to excellence are the Deccan towers, the Mogul court, the Babukhan estate, the Asafjahi Tower and the Babukhan Millennium Centre along with numerous major projects that dot the city today. He also served as Minister of Education and Industries for two consecutive terms in

Salman Babukhan

A third-generation entrepreneur, Salman Babukhan is the Managing Director of Babukhan Enterprises that comprises a cluster of initiatives including Babukhan Contructions (BKC), a number of schools in the K-12 space and recent forays into Engineering Education. He completed my schooling from Hyderabad and went on to acquire a degree in Management from the Loyola University Chicago, USA. He is passionate about construction, education, technology and sports. Over the years

Anjum Babukhan

Anjum is respected for her high level of professional integrity, scholarly articulation and commitment to the cause of Education, Enrichment and Empowerment. “East is east and west is west, but the twain meets here!” Blending the best of both worlds, Anjum is adept synergizing and synthesizing from across the globe as a lifelong learner. Anjum was born and raised in the U.S. Her parents were key influence on her and she gives them credit for her ethics, humility and moral commitment for all that she does. She is a visionary who journeys towards an upward spiral of growth towards excellence.

Our Mission

Empowering Communities, Building Futures

By integrating construction, education, and charity, we embrace a comprehensive approach to community development. We understand that sustainable progress requires not only physical infrastructure but also access to education and support for underserved populations. Through our organization, we aim to create synergies, leverage resources, and maximize our impact in creating positive social change.

Our Vision

Building a Better Tomorrow

At BabuKhan Enterprises, our vision is to create a transformed future where individuals and communities thrive, opportunities abound, and positive change is embraced. We envision a world where everyone has access to quality education, sustainable infrastructure, and the support they need to reach their full potential.

Our Vision in Action

Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Future